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Electric Circus for Gaza Chapter 5! GONE TO THE DOGS!

Electric Circus for Gaza Chapter 5! GONE TO THE DOGS!

Friday 21st November

The Islington Metal Works, 7 Torrens St, London EC1V 1NQ

Tickets: £15 Advance



So after a long snoozy hibernation the Electric Circus team are having a stretch and looking around. After chapter 4 the Lunatics really did ‘Take Over The Asylum’ and now it’s all ‘Gone To The Dogs’….well… know what they do in these situations….??!!!

They have 6 spaces full of mayhem and madness for your multi sensory enjoyment. As usual some of the best bands and DJ’s there are coupled with awe inspiring circus shows and crazy caberet ready to put your head in a spin!!


Don’t forget you must put your musical preconceptions in the poop bin at the door cos this is a total ‘musical mashup’ event. Music from a massive cross section of genres is just waiting to get ya feet moving, and all the while they will be making money and collecting whatever useful stuff you can donate, which will be put to excellent use in Gaza.

Expect to see the likes of the following:

– The White Rabbit aka Hamish Guerrini (Rabbit Hole Glastonbury)

Trixie Fluorotrash Fire Eating Pole Dancer 

Betty Madimi Aerial Artsit 

Tabitha Tease Aerial Artist and Pole Dancer

– Stunning fire Show by Rainbow Lightbeam!

Visionary Art Gallery & Art by Emma Watkinson

– Photographic Exhibition by Luke Cody

– The Fabulous ‘Dress Up Dolls


– Even a cinema for a cheeky snooze!

Remember it’s fancy dress ‘Gone to the Dogs’!


This forthcoming chapter of Electric Circus is the latest in a series of events organized by Ruth James (Skandalous Productions) who is currently working for a frontline NGO charity based in Afganistan and myself Terri Hosford (Fluorotrash Productions) The aim is to send aid (as well as a small circus,where possible) to conflict zones in the Middle East, focusing mostly on Gaza in recent years. The team travel from place to place performing to children in camps, schools, youth centres etc, whilst handing out much needed aid at the same time. The circus has travelled to Kurdistan, Iraq, Gaza and the West Bank many times. The group plans to return to Gaza this December…In 2009 Ruth and I founded our registered charity.

The aid raised at the parties (which can include, cash, medical gear, circus kit, toys and BRAND NEW kids clothing (particularly winter coats) and blankets as well as other goods which are accepted on the door as well as money!) is driven across Europe to Egypt and then delivered directly to people in need. No third are parties are involved (No Fat Cat middle man creaming off 80% of the profits) and personal politics are left to one side. It’s not about Hamas, it’s not about Israel: it’s about direct, humanitarian aid getting to the children and famillies of Gaza.