Electric Dog Brixton – Sustainable Sausage Sourcing

Electric Dog Outside (1)Electric Dog is a high quality hot dog joint based in the heart of Brixton Village. They’re open Thu, Fri and Sat evenings from 6:30-10:30pm.

Priding themselves on sourcing the best quality meats for their range of artisan hot dogs, they searched for the best 100% British pork bratwurst sausage and the best German frankfurter. All hot dogs come with an array of toppings and sauces and are in a soft brioche bun.

The pork sausages are made by Native Breeds, one of the UK’s leading charcuterie producers, who source local, British, rare breed pigs. The sausages are smoked with beech and applewood chips and have natural casings. Electric Dog pride themselves on providing sustainable foods and even has a man dedicated to ensuring their sustainability credentials.

electric dogsI tried their American hot-dog and chose to have it made from beef instead of pork, as crispy bacon pieces were sprinkled on top of it alongside cheese and other sources. This was delicious and had a very full, wholesome, subtly smoky flavour. I wasn’t surprised to hear that this beef is imported from the South of Germany, where 20 butchers make them into sausages, using only high welfare meat from local farms.

A range of milkshakes is also available and are made with real fruit, homemade syrup and fairtrade organic chocolate. Their ethos of the finest flavours carries through to their range of botanically brewed Fentimans drinks.

The service was also great, with their team of four alternating between front of house and the kitchen. They were friendly, attentive and genuinely passionate about their food. If you like good quality hot-dogs at reasonable prices, why not get yourself down to Electric Hot Dog in Brixton Village.



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Written by Martin Stocks

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