Farina Pizzeria Review

Maybe going out for pizza doesn’t seem that exciting any more. Comforting? Yes. Delicious? Definitely. But exciting? I don’t think so. 

At least I didn’t before I visited Farina Pizzeria, Notting Hill, which has managed to strike the balance between an explorative menu and the traditional delicious-ness you expect from a true Italian.

This is a pizzeria with a difference, as you can tell straight away from their menu. Their starters firmly avoid from the classic (and slightly yawn-inducing) garlic bread or dough balls, and instead gives you a hard time picking between their bruschettas, parmigianas, salads and polpettes. We went for an aubergine parmigiana and a fresh rocket and artichoke salad, which between perfectly balanced each other out – one tangy and fresh, the other seriously indulgent. Our waiter explained that they cook the parmigiana sauce (made with Italian tomatoes) for hours before baking with the parmesan and mozzarella, making it sweet and rich.

Farina has deliberately rejected the on-trend sourdough craze because it’s not traditional, and the tangy taste doesn’t make the perfect pizza. Instead, they use a traditional Italian recipe and ferment the dough for days before cooking, this keeps their dough delicious and light – preventing any of the heavy fullness you get with lesser pizzas. We had a hard time choosing, but picked the Diavola and the Farina, apparently the most popular two on the menu, and for good reason. I could search for adequate describing words, or just instead honestly tell you that it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had.

We washed our food down with an aperol spritz and a prosecco, a glass of house red and mid-range white – all were great and good value (especially the house wine!). The vibe is chilled and vibrant at the same time.

One final thing – if you’re visiting Farina Pizzeria, do yourself a favour and leave room for dessert. We shared a Cannolo Siciliano – fried pastry casing filled with sweet ricotta and pistachios – which is, if you can believe it, better than it sounds. I wish I’d had room for a whole one to myself, or maybe even two.

Address: 115 Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, London W11 3LB


Written by Sophie Perry