Fat Sams at Goat Chelsea

Fat Sam's

Since the end of 2013 Goat on Fulham Road has been running their very own electro-swing, tail-feather shaking, nod to the 1920’s night. It’s a perfect pre-weekend treat to have a themed evening for what Londoners have lovingly donned ‘thirsty Thursdays’.

‘Fat Sam’s’ is set above the restaurant in a dimly lit bar. Once your eyes adjust, accents of vintage decor, a large chandelier, photo booth and screenings of 1920’s film make for an incredibly cosy setting. Having experienced the Bloomsbury Ballrooms decade evenings, Fat Sams marry that perfect sense of era with customer focus that cannot be beaten.

Service is impeccable up in the hub of Fat Sam’s and throughout Goat. Before you’ve finished your last drop – and you will finish every last drop as the vintage cocktails are a treat for the taste buds, your glass is offered to be re-filled. In the restaurant downstairs, the menu is a mixed treat of flavoursome salads, pizzas and a firm favourite of my plus one: polenta chips! As a gluten intolerant guest, I’m often a right pain in the bumhole, but every option I fancied was checked and gluten free versions were offered as alternatives.

The booze list is generally extensive, house wine easy on the palette, but the star of the show are Fat Sam’s cocktails. As a gin lover, I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed to not have a mothers ruin based cocktail, but I believe the menu changes frequently for boozers, so the rum gods were out that night. Delicious nonetheless.

In between sips and conversation with the lovely host – who exudes passion and pride for the bar and makes you feel incredibly welcome, you can expect to experience bursts of show stopping dancing from the scantily clad glamour girls. Makes you feel guilty for wanting dessert (I’m kidding, they are babes though).

I’ve been told not to end on this note, but who can resist a pun. If you head to Goat, you won’t have a gruff time. Sorry.

Why not check them out for yourselves here: http://www.goatchelsea.com/news/fat-sams-grand-slam/

020 7352 1384