Flameburger review from Halo Burger

Sure there is an increasing amount of meat-free burgers out there to bite into, but there is a lot that lacks flavour and texture! When we came across Halo Burger last year, we hailed the Smoky Carolina BBQ Burger the BEST dirty vegan dirty burger around! So when Halo Burger recently launched The Flameburger and DÁPPA. Shakes, of course we had to go down and see what all the fuss was about.

The Flameburger comes with two 1/8lb Beyond Meat patties stacked with double molten chilli cheese, smoky sriracha mayo and deep-fried crispy jalapeños. The Flameburger packs a punch, its spicy and addictive with every bite. It has the right amount of heat, to ensure you enjoy the burger but not set your mouth on fire. I absolutely loved the crunch of the crispy jalapeños, giving it more of an edge, from your average chilli meat-free burger. If you want a beast of a Flameburger? Don’t be shy in asking for an extra Pattie or cheese slices.

No meat-free Halo burger experience is complete without the ‘Dont have a cow fries’ thin cut pink salt fries with melted cheese, signature sauce and caramelised onions. I have no idea what they use to make the melted cheese that damn tasty, you would almost think it was the real deal.

The new dairy-free shakes are made with DAPPA soft serve (thick, rich & outrageously creamy Almond & Cashew-based soft serve ice cream) which sets it a part from any dairy-free milkshake I’ve tasted before, its creamy, sweet and hard to put down! There are three flavours to choose from: vanilla malt, peanut butter and chocolate. My recommendation… Peanut butter all the way!

You can pick up the new Flameburger and new shakes from both the Shoreditch and Brixton Halo Burger branches.


Written by Nyla S.