For the love of cheese Byron’s Cheesemas Menu is Back

Holding nothing back, the Holly Cheesemas menu returns for a seventh year with its most indulgent burgers to date. To kick start the festivities, we headed to Byron on Beak Street to try for ourselves.

For appetisers, we ordered haloumi fries – strips of halloumi, coated in a crispy batter served with Byron sauce. Thicker than a chip, but an excellent starter to nibble on, prior to your mains.

Now for the burgers. With its extra dose of cheesiness the Byron Cheesemas menu features five festive burgers. Leading the pack is the The Holy Cheesemas which features six different cheese’s, including American cheese, smoked cheese, cheese crisp, along with pickled red onions, lettuce, garlic mayonnaise, onion ring and a scoop of bacon macaroni cheese. Offering up a special treat, we were told the burger patty is made from a brand-new recipe, a unique blend of chuck, brisket, and rib cap for extra juiciness which didn’t disappoint.

The garlic sauce has a spicy kick to it, whilst the unexpected macaroni added a creamy flavour, and if that wasn’t enough to satisfy your cheese cravings, there is also a bowl of molten cheese sauce on the side, perfect for burger dipping and dunking.

Vegetarians can also feast on the Veggie Cheesemas Burger. Made with a Veggie bean patty, a blend of chick peas, beans and onion seasoned with cumin and paprika. Also layered with cheeses, and of course the signature macaroni cheese. Veggie burgers usually are nowhere near as satisfying as their meat alternatives, however the layering, spices and combination made this a stand out option for foodies alike.

And to top it off, both burgers are served with fries or a house salad. And yes, they have sweet potato fries. Those feeling extra peckish can enjoys the sides, such as bacon cheese fries or cheese balls. You can also indulge in Oreo flavoured desserts from freakshakes to cheesecakes. All in all, a satisfying meal to tuck into.


Written by: Hena Husain