Graeme of Thrones

Yes you read correctly it is Graeme of Thrones and it is specifically for Game of Throne fans! This is no ordinary play and most of you reading this wouldn’t expect it to be either. You are in for a gory and bloody treat, with this critically acclaimed comedy parody. Graeme brings together his actor friends to put on quite the show for the audience, with the hope of nothing going wrong…

The play has a lot of the unexpected to entertain you throughout the seven kingdoms, there were a lot of moments of big cheers and laughter and a lot of squeamish moments. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before and it’s brilliantly entertaining.

The three actors work well at bringing to life your most loved characters from the show, throwing in some silliness and wit for your entertainment. A must-watch for Game of Throne Fans!

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Tickets are only £25 and worth every penny, click here to book tickets.

Charing Cross Theatre

The Arches

Villiers Street