Hame by Adam Handling launches zero-waste delivery box for Food Waste Action Week

To mark the first ever Food Waste Action Week, at-home food delivery service, Hame by Adam Handling, has partnered with UK’s leading sustainability charity, WRAP, to launch a zero-waste delivery box.

Available to order now for delivery nationwide on Friday 5th March, the mouth-watering five-course menu has been created using surplus ingredients and offcuts with each dish showing how such ingredients can be used in exciting and innovative new dishes that never compromise on taste.

Adam Handling’s signature sourdough and chicken butter; is his trademark celebration of just how tasty chicken fat and chicken skins can be. Next up is a beef and caviar tartare, utilising leftover beef chain cuts, and a rich lobster shell soup made from lobster coral and shells. The main event on this menu is a spectacular Venison Wellington (made using ‘all the venison’*, wrapped in offal), which is accompanied by a selection of slow-roasted vegetable stalks. Finally, to finish off the zero-waste feast is a deliciously sweet and light chocolate scraps and overripe banana mousse. Bon appetit!

Running from 1st – 7th March 2021, WRAP’s Food Waste Action Week is linking organisations across the food and drink sector to stop food going to waste and half the contribution it makes towards climate change. All are united in the simple message to their audiences – ‘Wasting Food Feeds Climate Change’.

The Zero Waste Week Menu costs £150 for two, and the Adam Handling Restaurant Group will be donating 15% of the profits from each box sold to its charity partner, The Felix Project.

Order the Zero Waste Week Menu now via All boxes will be delivered nationwide on Friday 5th March.

Written by Michelle Tonta