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HK London review: What a cut and blowdry appointment should really be like

Mehmet doesn’t waste time with pleasantries.

I show him a photo of what I’m after (a wavy bob à la Emilia Clarke) and 15 minutes later, he’s finished. The Turkish coffee that I was given on arrival is still hot as I reach through my newly-cut tresses.

As someone who has spent countless hours awkwardly keeping up chit-chat with hairdressers in the past, I’m thrilled by this speedy and silent treatment. Don’t get me wrong; Mehmet is very friendly, but we don’t need to talk.

His hands move with the confidence of a man who knows what he’s doing. I’m not worried that he’ll mess it up, because he’s not worried that he’ll mess it up.

Here’s the kicker: Mehmet barely touches a pair of scissors. Instead, he uses a technique that HK London, the salon that he runs with celebrity hairdresser Hakan Köse, is known for – and what I like to call ‘the clipper cut’.

My hair is still dry as Mehmet picks up the clippers and in a few swift moves, chops off several inches of my hair. It looks instantly fresh (my last cut had been a while before this, and my ends were desperately dry).

The salon is half-empty, but that’s not necessarily a bad sign; this is Chelsea on a Sunday, after all, and a crowded space would not equal a relaxing space. There’s a lady getting a dye in one corner and two ladies with freshly-styled hair were leaving as I entered.

I overheard them chatting about donating their leftover hair to the salon, and I instantly warm to the place; I love a touch of sustainability with my beauty routine.

After Mehmet is finished, he disappears downstairs – presumably to rest on a plush lounge, calm in the knowledge that he has another happy customer – and leaves me in the hands of his trusted assistant, who washes my hair and gently massages my scalp.

She then dries and styles it into exactly what I’ve asked for, and the best part? She too doesn’t seem too keen on chit-chat either. I’m thrilled, because I’d rather just relax and enjoy the blowdry, while sipping on my coffee.

HK London opened in 2017 and is split over two floors, offering threading, mani-pedis and makeup touch-ups alongside hairdressing. Each client gets a completely personalised experience, so if you walk in with a photo of a hairstyle that won’t suit your face shape, expect them to tell you about it.

Once again, this is a plus in my book because there’s nothing more valuable than honesty from your hairdresser. It beats rocking up to a junior ‘Yes Man’ who keeps cutting, in a rush and without vision, leaving you with hair that makes you want to cry (this has happened to me on many occasions).

As a ‘hair person’, I always dread going to a new hairdresser, because hair is a big part of my personality. It’s much more important than makeup, for instance.

But I needn’t worry at HK London. Just over 30 minutes before I first stepped into the salon, I’m done and feel like a new, sassier version of myself. One that is partly Emilia Clarke’s hot hair twin, partly the Mother of Dragons.

I give Mehmet a hug and walk off with the swagger of a woman who knows her hair is worthy of a red carpet.*

*This lasts for a total of five minutes, until the skies open up and Ciara rains water on my new, cute bob. Oh well, at least the cut is still intact.

Fancy getting your own hair cut at HK London? An appointment with Mehmet will cost you £120 but trust me, it’s worth it.

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Written by Almara Abgarian