Ice Karting At Queensway Skate Dine Bowl Review

Ice Karting FinalIce Karting the newest craze to hit London at Queensway Skate Dine Bowl.

If you have a need for speed, then head on over to Queensway and suit up for some new thrills of drifting on ice-ice baby.

I was a little concerned about how well I would do driving on ice. I am a huge fan of go-karting, although I have only been once in my life, I get a real rush. Something takes over when I’m out there and I want to put the pedal to the medal. I have a real need for speed. When I had the opportunity to take on a new challenge by adding ice to the mix, I became quite ecstatic. Although I was also a little concerned. Would I be able to drive without crashing? Would I be have to be cautious the whole time and drive slow? Would I be spinning out every lap? This would all be an unpleasant experience for me if it was.

Hell No. I was flying!

Yes, I was a little cautious to begin with. Testing out the boundaries, driving slow, easing into corners. A few laps later I added a little more pressure to the accelerator. Few laps after that and I was buzzing, giving it as much as I could with each lap gaining more and more speed. As my husband put it my eyes were ‘lit with excitement’. I worked out how to steer without spinning out every corner. Unlike some who would let the ego take over a little too much. I could give it a lot and take on the corners with ease most of the time. There were a couple of spin outs, but that’s all part of the thrill of testing your limits.

Writing about this now is giving me a rush. I am wanting to book in for another spin.

Get in now and take on this fantastic adventure, you won’t regret it! Queensway skate dine and bowl provides you with the suits and helmets. Ensure you wear appropriate footwear. The one thing that is missing is gloves. Your hands get quite frosty whilst out on the ice.

Prices are £44 per person, for a 40-minute session:
10 minutes for pre-briefing & kitting-up before.
20 minutes’ ice time (10 mins in each track format).
10 mins debrief & lap count announcements.
Running; Tuesday & Sunday evenings, from 7 pm till 10.20 pm. 6-8 karts per session.

Queensway Skate Dine Bowl
17 Queensway
W2 4QP




Written by: Bec Brodie