The Hyde Bar Luxury Burger Collection Review

Knightsbridge, the borough where tourists and the rich congregate to shop at Harrods and other fancy stores that I can only afford to window shop in. I usually only dream of eating in the fancy hotels and restaurants in this area but Sunday my friend and I got to dine in luxury at the Hyde Bar in the Park Tower Hotel. Finding our way into the Hyde Bar, we instantly felt dignified and ready to tempt our taste buds with Executive Chef Pascal Proyart’s opulent burgers. Monika, our lovely waitress showed us to our seats and provided us our menus that had our mouths watering.


Looking at the menu, we knew we were about to leave common place burgers behind and enter a new realm of succulent sensations. You won’t find ‘Le Lapin A L’escargot’, featuring snails, gruyère and rabbit encased in a carrot bun on your regular diner menu. While I was tempted to try this creation, I was drawn to the ‘Red and Black Surf and Turf’ (Tiger prawn with chicken, cuttlefish ink tapioca and aioli). My friend chose to go all out and try ‘The Luxury Collection’ (Wagyu beef in a gold leaf bun)! Once the burgers arrived, we ended up cutting our burgers in half so we could each experience the perfection that these burgers bring to the table.


The week before heading to The Hyde Bar, I read an article telling diners to never order a Wagyu beef burger. I mentioned this to my friend before she ordered ‘The Luxury Collection’, but she chose to order it anyway. This is one case where I’m glad my friend didn’t listen to me. This burger is the Beyoncé of burgers… Absolutely FLAWLESS. So perfectly juicy and overflowing with coleslaw, this burger was the definition of luxurious. Plus all this in a pretty gold leaf bun! We felt like princesses eating this. If I could afford it all my food would be coated in gold leaf.


Now I absolutely loved the Red and Black Surf and Turf burger. The chicken and prawn mince patty reminded me of the dumplings I have been craving since I moved to the London. So with the first mouthful of my burger I was instantly satisfied. Obviously Executive Chef Pascal Proyart’s Surf and Turf burger is one million times better than the dumplings I’ve been missing. The introduction of calamari and aioli only adds to enhance the flavours of the chicken and prawn patty.  Writing this, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it and wishing the Hyde Bar delivered to my doorstep.


To finish our tremendously enjoyable meal, my friend and I shared the creamiest strawberry cheesecake we have ever tasted. From the home made meringue, the fresh strawberries, mint leaves and strawberry coulis – it was divine.  Cheesecake that good really should be illegal. Thanks Monika (our waitress) for insisting we try it as it was one of her favourite desserts on the menu. It was the right decision to make and one that I hope you lovely readers try for yourselves.


It’s important to note that premium whiskies from The Hyde Bar have been handpicked to perfectly complement Chef Pascal’s creations. We chose to not try the whiskies but instead enjoy Mirabeau En Provence, a delightful French Rose wine. It was so clean and refreshing, that it really did complement our burger choices perfectly. We did find out afterwards diners can receive a complimentary whisky paired to their burger of choice if they share a #burgerlove picture on Instagram or Twitter, tagging their location @parktowerknightsbridge on Instagram or tagging @ParkTowerLondon on Twitter.

With more innovative and seasonal burgers being created on a monthly basis, The Hyde Bar is top of the burger game and is now responsible for turning me into a burger snob. The Hyde Bar Burger Collection is now available at The Hyde Bar, The Park Tower Knightsbridge, daily from 8am – 2am. Burgers are priced from £17-£29. Make sure you visit to broaden your burger horizons and become the burger aficionados you were born to be.

Reporter: Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1

101 Knightsbridge, London, England, SW1X 7RN, United Kingdom

Phone: (44) 207 235 8050