July Fitness Brunches at the Aster Cafe

IMG_6086Fitness brunch has begun this July at Aster café and restaurant in Victoria. This is the latest restaurant to open in the luxurious brand of D&D Restaurants. Together with The Wellness Collective, the Aster has collaborated to create the fabulous idea of working out and then indulging in a healthy post training brunch.

I had the pleasure to go along and try it the launch of the collaboration on Sunday the 2nd of July. It was the perfect weather to get stuck into a tough but great HIIT session. It has been awhile since I have done a HIIT session with a trainer and I have put it off since moving here. Mostly because I was fortunate enough to have amazing trainers back home in Australia. Luckily Chris and Riccardo from The Wellness Collective were very friendly and professional.  They definitely stood up to my high expectations. They made sure the session was suited to everyone’s fitness level requirements. Even to the point of joining in and assisting as a partner as we were an uneven number. They encouraged us to you to push ourselves and made sure we were using the correct technique/form. This to me is impressive. Reminding me of how I enjoy my training, to push my limits, help me prove to myself above what I thought I was capable of. Having someone there believing in me and helping me to be rid of those voices telling me ‘it’s too hard. It hurts. Just give up.’ Well let’s just say…It’s fantastic.

IMG_6087Finishing the class on a high and feeling the burn of an excellent workout, the next thing I wanted to do, was fuel my body with delicious healthy food. After all that hard work… you don’t want to ruin it. Although, some of us may use it as a reason to then indulge on some goodies after working their butts off. I mean life’s short right? Either way, Aster has it sorted.

The brunch menu is full of delightful options, so having to choose was almost as hard as the workout. They have so many mouthwatering options on their menu, including starters; hot smoked salmon rillettes with blinis, Eggs Victoria with seeded sour dough bread topped with crab and truffle hollandaise. There is also the option for dessert should you choose.   I went for the grilled sea bream with potato salad and crème fraiche vinaigrette. Wow did I make the right choice here! It was divine. Cooked perfectly and was melt in your mouth fish. The portion sizes were just ideal after such a fulfilling work out so there were no feelings of being over full.

A full body workout with the aid of 2 elite trainers, followed by a 2 course Nordic-French brunch in the café is priced at only £36. If you’re wanting to start your week out right then you need to book yourself in as soon as possible. It is only on offer for the month of July. I highly recommend going online and booking it now to avoid missing out! You will feel better for it!

When: 11am every Sunday for July

Where: Aster

150 Victoria Street, SW1E 5LB


Written by Bec Brodie

Instagram: @beki_b