Koku Kanu Coconut Rum Review


koko kanu1Koku Kanu recently sent me a bottle of their Jamaican rum infused with coconut. Given that summer is well and truly on its way, it seemed the perfect opportunity to try my hand at some of the cocktail recipes they recommended.

When making cocktails, I always like to sample the spirit straight so I first poured myself a small glass of Koku Kanu to try. It was pleasantly smooth and the sweetness of the coconut wasn’t overpowering or artificial. This has been the case when I’ve tried other coconut based rums.

According to the website, Koku Kanu’s ‘unique and exotic flavour is created using rums with coconut notes, which are carefully selected before being aged for a whole year. The delicious, full-bodied rum is then charcoal filtered and blended with coconut to create Koko Kanu’. Given this, it’s no surprise the rum is quite tasty on it’s own.Koko_Mojito_RT_Ingredients

The website has some delicious sounding cocktails on it and unfortunately I couldn’t make them all. The drink I’m most excited to try though, is the KOKO MOJITO. I love a good mojito and with the added flavour of the coconut, the Koko Mojito is bound to be delicious. For more easy to make at home recipes, you can visit the YouTube channel:

I did try the Koku Kranberry and the Koku Pineapple. Both drinks were super easy to make with only two ingredients each. Cranberry Juice and Koku Kanu or Pineapple Juice and Koku Kanu. My friends and I all thoroughly enjoyed the Koku Kranberry but we were surprised with how strong the drink was. Koku Kanu really does pack a little punch.Koko_Pineapple_RT_Ingredients

The Koku Pineapple was my favourite though. The tropical flavours of the coconut rum and the pineapple instantly took me away to a holiday on a beach. This drink was definitely the Pina Colada’s little sister and perfect for those that don’t like their drinks overly creamy.

Koko Kanu is available to buy at Sainsbury’s and retails at £19. Make sure you add this bottle to your rum collection now. You won’t regret it.

Reporter: Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: toogs1

Images courtesy of Koku Kanu.