Komos: Not Just Tequila

When I say the word tequila, what immediately comes to mind? Soft sandy beaches; spicy margaritas; top shelf spirits; lime? I’ll bet what doesn’t come to mind, is wine.

To set the scene, it was a cold and drizzly London evening. Entering through the lobby of one of London’s most iconic hotels – Brown’s Hotel – and onwards into the intimate and cosy Donovan Bar, was our location for the evening. Nestled in a cosy nook is the Naughty Corner, affectionately coined due to the adamite nude imagery adorning the walls.

We are here to celebrate Komos, a premium tequila brand making waves across London. Stocked in Selfridges and priced from £115.00, we were certainly intrigued to see if the nectar warranted the hefty price tag. Safe to say it did.

Komos takes inspiration from European wine-making techniques and is aged in the finest French oak wine barrels to create a satin-smooth, opulent spirit, designed to appeal to drinks enthusiasts on the hunt for luxury and innovation. Whether discerning tequila drinkers or not, each unique Komos expression works wonderfully on its own or in a variety of premium classic cocktails.

Originally launched in the US, the brand is making headway in the UK, even served as a focal point of the iconic Donovan Bar’s menu. The range includes three exceptional expressions: Añejo Cristalino, Reposado Rosa and Extra Añejo.

The team at On In London was fortunate enough to try all three and wanted to share tasting notes across the portfolio:

– Komos Reposado Rosa Tequila (£129.00, 700ml) – Our favourite. A soft, beautifully floral tequila. Aged for two months in French oak red wine barrels, the tasting notes hit the sweeter side of the scale with a syrupy after taste and no sourness. Reminiscent of rosé on a warm summer’s day.
– Komos Añejo Cristalino Tequila (£129.00, 700ml) – We never thought we’d enjoy sipping tequila, straight, over ice, but here we are! Aged for at least a year in French oak white wine barrels, this was giving lemon posset with a dark chocolate crumb – delightful on the palette.
– Komos Extra Añejo (£440.00, 700ml) – the main event price-wise, and a delicious option. Aged for three years in both a French oak white wine and American oak whisky barrel, you can really feel the complexity of the whisky. It’s smoky and deep with notes of citrus. Very grown up, very delicious – although we did prefer the Rosa.

Whilst there is no doubt
around the quality, thought and craftsmanship that goes into these beautiful spirits, what really blew us away, was the passion and enthusiasm from Founder, Richard Bett. Originally from the US and a wine-maker at heart, Bett applies an astounding level of knowledge to the wine-making process. Mimicking techniques coined by master wine scholars, makers and Sommeliers, Richard revolutionises the process – crafting an ultra-smooth and palatable tequila that can be enjoyed straight, over ice, with no sore heads in the morning.

Marking the Komos spirits as ‘pretty’, ‘feminine’ and ‘bold’, Bett has really created something special that is indicative of the love, passion and knowledge that goes into the process. It was a true pleasure to behold.

Tequila Komos is available to purchase in Selfridges London, or head on down to Donovan Bar to try some of the wickedly mixed concoctions including the Death By Tequila (Komos Reposado Rosa, Italicus, Green Pepper and Coriander Syrup, Lime Juice and a Spray of Grenadine) or the Speechless(Komos Añejo Cristalino, Muyo Chinotto Liquor, Fresh Lemon Juice and Ruinart Brut Champagne). Alternatively, visit the website for cocktail inspiration.

Since launching in the US, Komos has gone on to become one of the fastest-growing luxury tequilas in the world, having earned some of the highest accolades in the industry, including the first and only 100-point score for tequila from The Tasting Panel magazine for Tequila Komos Extra Añejo.

Written by Kara Buffrey