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Last minute Christmas gifts to get anyone who loves food – and TikTok

If you’re after the ultimate gift for a foodie or budding chef this Christmas, look no further.

Five home cooks who have each gone viral on social media thanks to their mouth-watering dishes have just released their own books so that others can recreate their most popular meals – and show off their culinary prowess at the festive dinner table.

From carb-loaded dishes that’ll leave you salivating to plant-based meals that aim to save the world, ‘fakeaways’ (high-calorie favourites turned into healthy plates) and meats so succulent they’ll melt in your mouth.

Each book has a different theme with recipes designed to impress both off- and online, and the cooks hope to inspire a new generation of chefs.

They have also shared their own stories. Like Bartek, who quit his job as a bartender to become a TikTok star, making mouth-watering meals like spicy tuna, chicken adobo and rice balls dripping with cheese.

Or dad-of-two and garden landscaper, Jim, who taught himself how to cook, roast, grill and do everything else you can imagine with a tasty slice of chicken or beef.

Or read about body-positive influencer and cook Rosie, who wants people to eat well without giving up their favourite treats.

Below, meet each of the authors, with a short description of their book’s theme and some example dishes to tantalise your taste buds.

Let’s Munch by Bartek – for hipsters and people who like deliciously ‘dirty’ dishes, £19.99

If there was ever a cookbook for millennials, this is it. Bartek, a Londoner originally from Poland with over 500,000 followers on TikTok, has taken much-loved dishes and given them his own spin. This is food that smells, looks and tastes ‘dirty’ – and we mean that in the best possible way.

Example dishes include buttermilk fried chicken with Jack Daniels honey gravy, Benedict pancakes, ‘the boujee struggle – instant ramen’ and bang bang buffalo prawns.

Rosie’s Recipes by Rosie Breen – for those who want to eat well but still enjoy their food, £21.00

Before becoming an Instagram food star, Rosie had only ever made scrambled eggs. Inspired by her own weight struggle and determined not to give into fad diets, she recreated her favourite foods but with healthy ingredients. The body-positive influencer has also included snippets from her personal journey of learning to love her body.

Example dishes include fan favourite buffalo chicken mac n cheese, breakfast quesadillas, Banoffee pancakes, dirty chicken bowls, vodka pasta, super green shakshuka and more.

From My Book To Your Table by Callum Wilson, £22.99

Callum wrote this book with his young daughter, Ellie, in mind with recipes that are inspiring but easy to make, whether you’re 45 or 15 years old. And the dishes work for all ages too, because who doesn’t love chicken, wings, pasta and sushi? In fact, there’s a whole chapter dedicated just to chicken wings…

Example dishes include eggy crumpets breakfast, ‘killer’ sausage rolls, Kansas-style BBQ ribs and – sure to be a favourite with little ones – chicken pops with hot honey.

#RoastItUp by Jimlad – for people who love a Sunday roast (so basically everyone), £17.00

Dad-of-two and garden landscaper Jim is a lover of all things meat; from classic roasts to garden BBQs or just a really good steak. #RoastItUp is a collection of wholesome meals developed in his own kitchen for the “whole family to enjoy.” In short, food that’ll warm hearts.

Example dishes are British classics like Shepherd’s Cottage Pie, roast potatoes – including how to get them just crispy enough – the ultimate fry-up and cheesy sausage rolls.

The Rose Table by Katie-Rose Watson – for people who want to fall back in love with cooking, £23.95

If you’re bored of ingredients and have lost your sense of enjoyment when it comes to cooking, The Rose Table will reignite your love of food with its US West Coast influences. As Katie-Rose says, “to enjoy food is to enjoy life” with the dishes in her book all built around this ethos.

Example dishes include baked honey chicken wings, blueberry salad with maple vinaigrette, brioche French toast and the best cakes you’ll ever bake.

The books, published in partnership with HP Custom Content, range in price from £17 to £23.95 and can be purchased from:

photos from Jam Press

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