Les Deux Salons

As Mother Nature hands her reins to winter, the nights are getting darker, the days are getting colder, and my hands are slowly turning deeper shades of purple! However this just means when dining out a lovely warming restaurant is of utmost importance!

With this in mind, in a rather lucky turn of events we stumbled upon Les Deux Salons. Tucked away off Charring Cross Road on William IV Street this beautiful brasserie oozes French sophistication from every pore. However the menu does not boast only classic brasserie lore. The menu spans from prime steaks (cooked in their charcoal oven) and butter roasted cod, to our old favourites of succulent burgers and American ‘dawgs’.

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Upon entering out coats were hung and we were shown to our table and allowed to browse the menu. The choice of steaks really caught our eye with several cuts we’d never heard of before including the USDA flank steak and the NY strip. Upon recommendation of our waiter Mercko we opted for the latter, and teamed it with some of their chips, tender stem broccoli and rocket & Parmesan salad (you know when your really in the mood for steak and chips!)

Our waiter was such a great chap. He recommended wine (from his hometown in France it turned out!), explained the menu so well and was an utter gentlemen. He did make us giggle with his French charm.

His recommendation was a fine choice. The steak was succulent and tender, perfectly pink and tasty. Oh and the bearnaise sauce? Divine! So rich and buttery yet almost sweet, and laced with the perfect amount of tarragon.

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Our chips were really crispy, exactly how we like them! Possibly a little too salted, enough to make you a little thirsty. However delicious all the same. The broccoli was tender yet crunchy, and had a lovely buttery taste, however again just a little too much salt.

Although we had managed to put away steaks the size of our heads, the dessert menu looked too good to pass up! I chose a brownie sundae, while my friend (a boy may I add) opted for the lighter fruit sorbet choice.

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I feel he regretted his decision immediately after our desserts arrived. His attractive, reasonably sized pudding was overshadowed by my BEASTY SUNDAE. Sadly my main had filled the steak size hole in my tummy, so I couldn’t quite conquer the mountain. However the brownie was fudgey (a little lacking in the gooey side), and the chocolate gelupo was rich, creamy and luxurious. My chum seemed to rather enjoy his too 🙂

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Our only criticisms would be the sundae glass actually made the brownie look a little ‘American diner’ esque, which wasn’t quite fitting to Les a Deux Salons sophisticated feel. Maybe if the brownie had been left whole and adorned with gelupo and nuts?

The price was on the higher end of casual dining, however this did reflect in the food which was rather lovely. Starters ranged from £6.95 – £10.50, hotdogs and burgers from £7.50, steaks n’ more £9.95 – £42 and sides such as greens, salad & chips all £3.95.

Overall our experience at Les Deux Salons left us full, warm and pleasantly jolly. The atmosphere was upbeat and buzzing, and when teamed with some cracking steak and a attentive waiter made our evening!

View Les Deux Salons A La Carte menu here.

Reporter: Aspen Glencross @gollumcrackcorn


Les Deux Salons

40 – 42 William IV St,


020 7420 2050