Mestizo Restaurant and Tequila Bar Review

Mestizo is not simply a restaurant, it is an experience.  Located on the Hampstead Road in Londons Trendy Camden Town, Mestizo has adorned London with an authentic taste of Mexico, a far cry from the nachos, guacamole and street food commonly associated with this region of the world. Mestizo, a family owned business boasts dishes prepared in the traditional way (by Mexican Chefs) using authentic recipes passed down from generation to generation (and delivered to you by a team of Mexican staff).

The dishes are both complex and subtle.  Each ingredient introduces itself individually, then to one another, and then as if by magic a culinary party begins in your mouth. Mole (pronounced mo-llay) is a wonderful illustration of this; a traditional sauce used in the preparation of both meat and vegetables that can have from 20 to 50 ingredients including dried chilies, fresh chilies, tomato, coriander, bay leaf, green tomatillo, corn, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, almonds, pecans, raisins, plantain, plums, cinnamon, onion, garlic, black pepper, clove, sugar and not forgetting chocolate!!!

Mestizo Front

The restaurant layout and the menu combined promote both an atmosphere of intimacy (with a number sharing dishes) and interaction.  Mestizo boasts a bar that houses a multitude of authentic Mexican tequila balancing the contrasting environments perfectly.  A fabulous touch I thought was the green and red block that is placed on your table once seated.  The block is divided into two; half is painted red and the other half green.  The block is placed red side up and you are asked to place the block green side up when you are ready to order or require assistance of any sort.  A great environment for that first date! Once turned green side up your server arrives with speed ready to deal with your request…it really is the little things that matter.

Mestizo Bar tequila display 72

Staff are both approachable and have an enviable knowledge of the menu, great for Mexican food newbies, they come with recommendations to suit every palate and are happy to make adaptations when and where requested.  After much deliberation (or indecisiveness as it is more commonly known) we had reached a decision, to start we sampled the Panucho; corn tortilla topped with refried beans, pollo pibil and marinated red onion and the Mixed Antojitos Platter; an assortment of fluata; a fried filled tortilla, quesadilla; a filled corn tortilla, jalada;(a definite favourite!) jalepeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese…I could have eaten a whole plate of these! The platter in particular was a great choice as we were able to sample a little bit of most things. We agreed that we could not leave Mestizo without sampling its famous mole, and opted for the Cordero En Mole Amarillo; a lamb shank mole and a Mole Verde de Olla; a sweet potato based stew.

Filete Arriero

There was enough food delivered at both courses to feed a family representing extremely good value.  We were not fazed and powered through both courses smacking lips on completion and reminiscing over courses past.  The food was a delight. Belts loosened we agreed that no meal is complete without sharing a pudding or two and quickly selected the Crepas De Cajeta; crepes topped with caramel sauce, chopped walnuts and vanilla ice cream, a perfect balance of sweet and savoury and Flan Casera; the Mexican version of crème caramel, a creamy classic coupled with a side of Frozen Magherita to wash it down.  The perfect end to a perfect day.

Flan Casero

Mestizo prides itself on showcasing the best of Mexico, not only providing an impressive selection of tequila; possibly the largest in the UK and Mexican cuisine but also hosting events throughout the year.  In the month of November alone Mestizo will bring you the Mole Festival, Day of the Dead; a special time in which the living remember their departed relatives, Day of the Dead Party and the Mexican Market.  The cherry on the delectable Mestizo cake!

Mestizo Restaurant and Tequila Bar

103 Hampstead Road

London NW1 3EL

020 1387 4064

Twitter: @Mestizomx



Written by Monica Imbert | | @FuzzyMonzStar