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L’Eto Caffe – A Wonder in Wardour Street

P1000714I have to admit with a little bit of embarrassment, is what initially drew me to L’Eto was its name. Jared Leto the actor is SUCH a babe, so it was with high hopes that I journeyed down there.

I’m a little bit of a sad sap at the moment, as my final year dissertation deadline is looming I am married to my laptop. So I was glad to find upon arrival that L’Eto was definitely more of a café than a restaurant. I bundled my massive backpack into a corner and whipped out Red (yes capital ‘R’ my laptop has a name) with a handily placed plug socket at hand, luckily the staff were very accommodating P1000713(as I took several people’s faces off with my huge bag!).

In L’Eto you order at the counter where there are an array of freshly prepared dishes, I was spoilt for choice. After several prolonged minutes of deliberation I opted for teriyaki salmon with a new potato and mixed green salad, plus a chicken Fricadelle for good measure (I was rather starvin’ Marvin). It was quite nice to mix and match, with the salmon coming in at £6.50 per 200g serving and chicken Fricadelle £4.50 you sort of tailor made your own meal. I went back and plonked myself down and the staff brought it over warmed through. The salmon was rather yummy, really flaky and went really well with the caper seasoned new potatoes. P1000706The salad was a little non-descript, I’m not a massive fan of pomegranate in savoury but that is a personal taste. However this chicken Fricadelle, which was coated in breadcrumbs was really rather nice too. So I sat there enjoying my tea while browsing through some tissue engineering journals online, happy as Larry.

But the most awesome bit was the pudding. I have a massive sweet tooth and the array of cakes, pastries and biscuits were amazing! But I went with my good old friend the carrot cake (and ummm possibly a triple chocolate cookie, I was hungry alright!?), which has a tropical twist.

P1000700Oh goodness it was good. Flavoursome but with a light creamy middle and fruity top, they were a good size but I could definitely have kept going. I left a happy bunny. All the cakes were around £4.90 and were so worth it.

Not only a place for dinner, the breakfast menu was extensive and is graced with the likes of coconut bread with chocolate butter, crispy honey pancakes & baked cinnamon ricotta and an array of truffle oil, avocado and salmon egg dishes. With the prices randing between £5 and £10 there is something to suit every taste. I think I may have to return, chocolate butter!? Who knew!

For a luxurious treat or breakfast head down to L’Eto, it’s one of those places you take the folks when they’re visiting and can impress them with ace cake, or a little lavish brekkie.

L’Eto Caffe

Soho, Kensington, Fulham, Mayfair, Belgravia and King’s Road.


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