Life’s Not Yoga: or Is it? Finding Love in the Chaos of Life Review

Lockdown in the UK has been great for one thing- reading a range of amazing books, snuggled up with a blanket and unlimited cups of tea or lazing in the bright sunshine we had last week. The latest read -‘Life’s Not Yoga: or Is it? Finding Love in the Chaos of Life’- is a memoir from first time author Jacqui Barnett. It was first released in October 2020.

Jacqui’s memoir is split into three sections. The first- Burning Shame- centres around Jacqui’s upbringing in South Africa and the different and difficult family dynamics between her and her parents. The second section and bulk of the book-Burning Bridges- is set about 20 years later when Jacqui is realising how the trauma of her past impacts her present. The third and smallest section- Rising Phoenix- centre around Jacqui’s quest for acceptance and continuing to live a full life of one’s choosing.

The book is a well-written, frank and raw account of disappointment, deception, heartbreak and self-questioning. Its a common story of overcoming adversity whilst along the way learning about self-love and self-acceptance. It’s a captivating inspiring story and one we would recommend adding to your reading materials.

Jacqui is a business leader, coach, author, speaker and yoga instructor. She is the founder of the Dare to Ask and Dare to Be Love journey concepts. More information about these concepts can be found on her website.

Life’s Not Yoga is available from a number of suppliers depending on your country. In the UK this includes Amazon, Blackwell’s and The Book Depository as well as reading apps like kindle and Kobo.



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Written by Caitlin Neal