On 24 November 2020, the book The 100 Prosecco Recipes” by Sandro Bottega was published in English.  The 192-page book, published by Mondadori, is a journey through the Prosecco hills, a Unesco World Heritage Site (Italy, Veneto Region, 50 km north of Venice), where tradition, research and authenticity come together in the name of taste. This is a collection of recipes, from aperitifs to desserts, accompanied by many stories and curiosities.

We were sent a copy and it is a gorgeous recipe book. Reading a recipe book is the only escape into another culture we get during these crazy times. It was great to escape to the culinary tradition of Italy and see the pride Sandro Bottega has in his land’s food and wine, landscape, technology and artistic heritage. Sandro Bottega wanted to pay homage to the straightforward, hard-working people who live there and who have created and preserve its culture.

This recipe book lives up to this. So purchase the book and settle down with a glass of one of the fine range of Bottega wines including Prosecco, including Bottega Gold, and other sparkling wines with great personality. Amarone, Ripasso, Brunello di Montalcino and other great reds are produced in the two separate cellars in Valgatara (Valpolicella) and Montalcino.

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