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October 2013 – New Line of Canvas Prints & Home Accessories

 It is with warm hearts and glamorous sparkles that Crystalise Boutique present their new line of canvas prints and home accessories.

About the Brand

Crystalise Boutique is a well established, but relatively new brand that offers both a bespoke line of shoe and garment modification and ready-to-wear shoes, specialising in the ‘crystalising’ process of adding Swarovski crystals by hand.

 The highly successful line of shoes from names such as Nike and Adidas have proven a great success in recent months, leading to the expansion and subsequent launch of the new line of canvas prints and home accessories.

 Canvas prints are £20.00 and are available for online purchase

 The Swarovski light switch is priced at £45 and is also available online for purchase

 by Chloe Lapper