London Urban Tri Fitness Challenge

Urban Tri

It was my last day of half-term and I celebrated it by participating in the Urban Tri. Back for its third round, this popular central London event combines some of the capital’s most popular fitness pursuits: hot yoga, running and cycling.

I loved that we began with yoga at Yotopia, one of my favourite studios, for the first leg of the Tri. While hot yoga is certainly challenging, it also helps clear your mind to help you “zone out” during a run. I will be the first to admit, that my warm ups before training have always been a bit half-hearted. Embarrassingly, they are usually coupled with a good browse through Instagram and checking emails! It was great to be guided through poses and deep stretches to prepare our muscles for what lay ahead. While the cozy heat had me craving to lay in Shavasana, I knew that it would have to wait until the end of the event!

After yoga, we slipped on our trainers and hit the streets for our run. The trek was guided by members of the Sweat Shop team who kept our spirits high and pace in check. Somewhere between the typically torrential British downpour and the backsplash of buses, I felt empowered. I would never have chosen to run in this weather, unless I had made a commitment to someone other than myself. But there I was, with all of the other early birds, pounding the pavement past London’s iconic landmarks. I may have looked like a wet poodle, but I felt really hardcore!

The final hill climb took place at Boom Cycle, London’s biking hotspot, located in Holborn. The motivational instructors cheered on our team, had wicked playlists and a dynamic workout for us. It was the perfect surge of endorphins that we needed to pedal our way to the finish line.

By noon, we had sweated through 45 minutes of hot yoga, ran 3 miles and cycled 8. I probably would not have done this sequence on my own but together, we nailed it!

The Urban Tri is a fantastic challenge for someone who is looking to shake up their routine and test their endurance. The event is well organised, is a lot of fun and is made up of an inspirational community of people; participants and instructors alike. No wonder it sells out so quickly!

Want to join us next time? Sign up for the next Urban Tri taking place on December 7, 2014. Head over to Yotopia or Boom Cycle to get all of the details.


Written by Areta Hryschuk