Loneliness Awareness Week (12th June)

For Loneliness Awareness Week (12th June), Kindred – the events, restaurant and co-working space in Hammersmith – is hosting its first ever TogethernessFest. Open to all, Kindred is aiming to bring together the local community and provide an antidote to isolation.

A staggering 700,000 Londoners admit to feeling lonely‘always’ or ‘most of the time’, so in partnership with West London Queer Project, London Writer’s Salon and the Head of TED, TogethernessFest will feature a series of talks, workshops and even club nights in Kindred among other activities to get people talking about the typically taboo topic of loneliness.

Kindred was founded by Anna Anderson, recently recognised in CODE Hospitality’s 30 under 30 list, who hopes to inspire authentic human interactions in a shared space for work, talks and events.

In keeping with Anna’s original ambitions, Kindred’s TogethernessFest will run from 12th to 17th June with a variety of ticketed events available.

Please see the full schedule of events below.

The Full Programme:

Snap & Chat | Kindred Coffee Social Monday 12th June, 10am, £6 (includes coworking day pass) We’re kicking off TogethernessFest with a game of human snap. Get randomly matched with three coworkers for a coffee and a chat.
Writers’ Hour with London Writers’ Salon Tuesday 13th June, 10am, £6 (includes coworking day pass) Writing can be a lonely pursuit. Join this Writers’ Hour with London Writers’ Salon for inspiration and encouragement.
ID8 West London with Head of TED – Togetherness Special Tuesday 13th June, 7pm, £8/£12 Eight headline speakers are given eight minutes to share an idea that will bring the world together. Head of TED Chris Anderson hosts.
Walk(ies) West London Wednesday 14th June, 10.30am, £6 (includes coworking day pass) Explore the quieter streets and river paths of West London on this group walk for dogs and dog lovers.
Living in Extreme Isolation | A Q&A with Polar Explorer Ben Saunders Wednesday 14th June, 6.30pm, £6/£8 Record-breaking polar explore Ben Saunders shares his stories and life lessons live at Kindred.
How to Build Meaningful Relationships | Fireside Chat with George Taktak Thursday 15th June, 1pm, £6 (includes coworking day pass) How Mental founder George Taktak discusses the causes of the loneliness epidemic – and how we can build better relationships to tackle it.
Come As You Are | Supper Club with West London Queer Project Thursday 15th June, 6.30pm, £33 Drink, dine and connect with your friendly LGBTQIA+ folk at this social supper club with a twist (or two)…
Voices in Power | Togetherness Special with Miss Yankey Thursday 15th June, 7pm, £18 Voices in Power return to Kindred for a connective night of live poetry, music and industry mingling. Miss Yankey headlines.
TogethernessFest Closing Party Friday 16th June, 8pm, £15/£20 Join us for the TogethernessFest Closing Party, with live DJs and performances across two floors until 2am.
The Togetherness Brunch Saturday 17th June, 11am-3pm Connect with some future friends or familiar faces while enjoying 50% off all brunch dishes in Cellar.