Long Tail Mixers Review

Discover dark spirits in a new light with Long Tail Mixers! I most certainly did when I attended the launch of these new mixers at Oriole bar in Smithfield’s on Wednesday night.

Long Tail Mixers was founded by life-long friends Alex Jollivet and Tom Wigget, who were disappointed in what was available on the market to pair with dark spirits. As such, they decided to make their own uniquely crafted mixers using fresh and invigorating flavours that compliment rather than overpower the flavours of the dark spirits.

Inspiration for the brand name is clear to see. On all the bottle is the Caribbean folklore saying ‘lucky are those who cross paths with a long-tailed mongoose‘. The creators feel that like a mongoose, their mixers offer something a little different for curious creatures, and we at ONIN London have to agree.

Long Tail Mixers come in three flavours: Ginger Lime, Blood Orange and Island Spice. Each in taste and aroma compliments the dark spirit used whether bourbon, whisky or rum. The mixers are made by blending natural ingredients with carbonated spring water. Long Tail mixers can be used in mocktails or on their own as an alternative to soft drink.

My first drink was Long Tail Ginger Lime with Appleton Estate VX rum garnished with lime slice. Fresh green edge of lime, Jamaican style ginger and chi spices create the refreshing, zesty taste.
It had an air of summer and I could imagine having these in a beer garden on a summer’s day.

Next I had Long Tail Blood Orange paired with Bulleit bourbon garnished with a sprig of rosemary. The well balanced flavour comes from the blood oranges, grapefruit and orange bitters. This drink was stronger and more bitter than the Ginger Lime but had a darker, richer taste. You could garnish this mixer with an orange peel, grapefruit slice or dehydrated blood orange.

Last was a Long Tail Island Spice with Mount Gay Black Barrel rum garnished with grated nutmeg and lime slice. Here the Caribbean spices, bitter chinotto (carbonated soft drink) and botanical gentian make a tropical, bold drink. One serving suggestion that is recommended by the creators is pouring with a fine rum over fresh ice cubes with Angostura Bitters and twist of lime.

Long Tail Mixers have achieved their objective- of making people see dark spirits in a new light. I’ve been recommending them to my friends over the last few days and will be more likely to order dark spirits now because of these mixers. They bring to the market more choice and flavours for our mixers.

Oriole bar is a hidden bar in Smithfield’s. This sophisticated bar uses dark wooden furniture and has a light green wall paper that is a point of conversation with all its details. There is a piano with live music occurring from 9:30pm.

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Written by Caitlin Neal