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Love those Winged Eyes

Cat Eyes

Women everywhere are in love with the makeup craze of winging their eyes aka “The cat eye”. The quick flick of liquid eyeliner can transform a simple look into something sexy and seductive. It has been said that “eyes are the windows to our soul”, “the truth is in the eyes” and you also must have heard the term “eyes don’t lie” which means, any emotion which you are feeling within your soul are interpreted through your eyes. The sadness that you feel is shown through the eyes; lies that are spoken from the mouth are shown through the eyes and compassion that you feel for someone is also shown through the eyes. I guess if this is true, we better put our shades on then!

Winged eyes

The winged eye is a makeup statement that has been used throughout the years. Powerful and iconic women such as the image conscious Cleopatra through to model turned actress Marilyn Monroe. These women throughout the years have been known for their image and were often seen as sex symbols. Now we have celebrities such as female rappers Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj who are just two out of the many women of today who have gained our attention from their cat like eyes.  

So when it comes to opening those windows of my soul for the world to see, I have an addiction of adding the quick flick trick to almost every look. Personally, I can’t live without my trusty eyeliner. Despite being in love with this look, I have to admit I am not a professional when it comes to the method and I have yet to find the right tool. If you are anything like me, you will find that you will have your “off days” where you could spend almost 15 minutes in front of the mirror trying to perfect the black line that runs over your upper eyelid.

Putting on eyelienr

On my hunt to find the perfect eyeliner I came across a few that I thought would be ideal to draw a precise line. Trying out these three products I learnt the difference with using liquid, gel and pencil eyeliners. They are all worthy in their own rights but you can really see why people use different ones. See which one works for me and why!




Pros: Very easy to use! The gel liner comes with a small angled brush that allows you to apply with minimal effort; as the brush is angled it allows you to create a sharp and defined line across the eyelid. This eyeliner lasts all day!

Cons: It does give a very “matt” look to the eyelid. If you prefer an eyeliner with a glossy shine, I would not recommend this.





Pros: Very soft and glides on easily onto the eyelid. One of the best eye pencils from Mac Cosmetics! Sells out fast!

Cons: I wouldn’t say this is ideal for using if you want to create a winged eye effect. This eyeliner is good when creating a “Smokey eye” look as it does smear and you could be left looking like a racoon! I would personally leave this eyeliner for my waterline.




Pros: For me this is my favourite eyeliner! This liquid eyeliner is very easy to use. It leaves a glossy line across the eye which compliments beautifully. If you want to create a lovely winged eye – this is the one for you!

Cons: I wouldn’t say this eyeliner is ideal if you want it to last all day. It would work well for a night out or if you don’t mind it not lasting that long as you will have to keep re-applying at least twice a day.

I am still on the hunt to find the perfect eyeliner and even though I am pleased with the L’Oreal Superliner for now, I know there must be something better somewhere out there! Even with the right eyeliner, it is still very easy to end up looking like a panda instead of looking like right lipped pouting Monroe. Looking online there are loads of tips in how to achieve a precise line and I have to admit, that by searching through DIY videos on YouTube everyone that I have seen has their own technique in how they create their winged eye.

I found this useful step by step diagram that can help you with drawing your line. Take your time and try not to hold your breath for too long when doing this. Oh and make sure you have a handful of cotton buds next to you to neaten up your line! You will get there, practice makes perfect J

WInged Eye

Monique x