Mercer & Co Review

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A stone’s throw from Angel station is Chapel Market where you can now find a fresh slice of New York in the heart of London. Mercer & co is open all day from 7:30am till 5.30pm Mon-Fri and 8.30am Sat-Sun with all your bases covered for breakfast and lunch plus a cheeky cocktail on the side.

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Anyone who is a fan of the New York style deli will love this place as it nails the salty beef bagel with pickle and mustard containing Alex’s own salt beef recipe. However, my personal favourite had to be the Macaroni Cheese with beef Chili that was just spot on in all elements. The menu is full of desirable options ranging from bagels and toasties to granola and bacon rolls to smoothies and milkshakes, with plenty more to get the taste buds going.

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Many drunken taste tests were taken in trialing the cocktail menu and it was well worth the effort as these unique and sometimes punchy cocktails tick all the boxes. The Chai Rum Latte is not to be passed up. It is every bit as good as it sounds. This was my first time indulging in a warm cocktail and I was naive enough to just assume that it would like most cocktails… chilled. It definitely hits all the right spots and without realising you will be closing your eyes, savouring every sip and losing yourself to the surroundings of this adorable place. Try not to burn your tongue on that first sip as this is a drink not to be missed.

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As the weather is warming up, I believe this place will just explode with popularity. It’s charming and you can’t help but want to chill out for the afternoon watch people go by with a treat in front of you all at an affordable price. So head on over and say ‘Hi’! What are you waiting for?

Written by Bec Brodie.

Address: 26A Chapel Market, Angel

Phone: 07966176242

Facebook/twitter/Instagram @mercerandcouk