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Ministry of Waxing

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Summer is here and although when in London its easy to pick up a razor to get rid of any fuzz, that’s not always the case when on holiday. The only problems we want when on holiday, is deciding which bikini to wear on the weekend, will it be the hot pink one or the stripy black one… So before any holiday I like to get my legs and bikini line waxed, now if you’re like me and not a fan of the pain pain endured, then I have some good news for you, there are salons out there that offers waxes with minimal pain.

Ministry of Wax has five branches, I went to the one on South Molton street, which is near Bond street station, a great location to get to when you need a wax in a rush, which was the case for me, my flight was just in  couple of days! I was greeted by a lovely lady at reception and was shown to my room pretty much straight away. Its a very relaxed salon, with bright colours and friendly staff buzzing around. There is a hygiene wipe on the bed for you to use after you have undressed and popped your belongings in a locker in the room. Along with a hygiene wipe you also get a little stress ball, in the shape of a cute monkey. I went for the Chocolate Wax, it shrink-wraps the hair so that no strip cloth is needed. It extracts hair at the very root so leaves the skin hair-free for longer.

Although the wax isn’t pain free, I did feel like it was less painful than waxes I have had in the past and what I really liked is how friendly and relaxed the salon staff are, we chatted away while I was having my wax, a great way to keep me distracted.

MOW are offering 30% off for all new customers who are having a Brazilian/Boyzilian Lemon Wax, so delay no longer, its less pain and less money to pay, what more could you ask for?


Written by Nyla S.