Monday Wellness Mornings At Blakes

­The world’s first boutique hotel, Blakes, is introducing its Monday Wellness Mornings: a new weekly class of yoga and meditation, followed by an healthy Blakes breakfast.
The classes will be run by TruBe – an On-Demand service for Fitness and Wellbeing. TruBe trainers and therapists are made up of a highly knowledgeable and experienced selection of industry experts, offering On-demand sessions in multiple disciplines – fitness, health or wellness focussed. 
Those wanting to participate can join the classes every Monday, starting at 10AM. The intimate yoga and meditation class at Blakes Below, will see the instructor conduct a one-to-one approach, enabling all participants to share the firsthand guidance of a personal trainer. The classes are ideal for beginners and intermediate level yogis.
After the class, guests are invited to experience the Sun Salutation brunch menu – a healthy two meal course accompanied with a fresh juice of choice. Guests can choose from an Organic Gluten Free Porridge & Blake’s Lavender Honey or Organic Greek Yoghurt followed by Avocado & Free Range Organic Poached Eggs, Gluten Free Pancakes or Wild Mushrooms & Avocado toast.
The class is limited to 8 participants and ticketed at £25 or £45, including the Sun Salutation breakfast menu. Readers can book their place by calling Blakes directly – 020 7370 6701.
What are you waiting for? Start you week off right at Blakes.