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St Moriz Tan: Review

St Moriz Tan

I’m normally such a snob when it comes to tanning. I used to believe that you get what you pay for and that it was always necessary to buy the most expensive tan available. Since trying a tan that set me back £37 and left me bright orange, I decided to be more open-minded with my tanning.

St. Moriz tan is both incredibly cheap and very popular, so I couldn’t wait to exfoliate the orange and give St. Moriz a whirl. I’ve tried their Instant Shimmer tan before and was hugely impressed by the quality, so I was excited to explore more of the range.

I have been using St. Moriz Dark Mousse and St. Moriz Instant Matte tan over the past few weeks and have honestly been so impressed by the results. The Dark mousse is absolutely ideal for me. I usually layer up normal tan to create a darker colour, so was thrilled that I only needed to apply one layer of mousse to achieve my desired shade. Applying less product not only meant that it dried more quickly so I could re-dress after a couple of minutes, but also means that I don’t have to repurchase the tan so frequently as it lasts longer. Perfect.

St Moriz Tan

Despite being a deep colour, St. Moriz leaves you beautifully brown with not a hint of orange in sight (much to my surprise, I have to admit!). I applied the mousse using a tanning mitt, and was left completely streak-free as well. Very impressive! I would say that this tan lasts 4 days if you exfoliate regularly, and around a week if you don’t.

I wanted to try the Instant Matte Tan too for days where you simply don’t have time to wait for a normal fake tan to develop. I thought it would be perfect for a spontaneous night out where I needed a bit of extra bronzing last minute. What I love about this Instant Tan is that it is such a natural colour, but you can easily build the colour up if you’re looking for a darker tan. This tan is also waterproof, meaning that it you can caught in a spot of rain, you won’t be left with white drip marks on your skin. It dries super fast meaning that you won’t be standing around waiting before you can dress yourself. (Vital for cold mornings and wintery evenings.)

I have fallen in love with St. Moriz and am now desperate to try the rest of the range.

Which St. Moriz products would you recommend?

By Lottie Pearce