Mrs Fogg’s Gin Adventure Review

Mr Fogg’s is a well-known establishment in London with numerous venues scattered throughout the city. Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery in Liverpool St is the first Mrs Fogg’s in London and is host to a fun and entertaining Gin Adventure.

On arrival you get your boarding pass stamped and head below deck to the EnGINe Room and get kitted out in your overalls for the evening ahead. Once you are ready you move into the distillery room and get an explanation of what makes gin different from other spirits and the process involved in making gin. Cass was one of our witty hosts for the evening and had an excellent knowledge of gin. Once all the basics are explained we move back into the EnGINe Room for the first gin taster with some origin’s stories of the spirit. The information throughout the evening was very interesting and provided some facts on the spirit we all know and love.

Next was the taster of a couple of other gins. Cass provided explanations of all the other botanicals that begun to be introduced to gin and the variations in flavour these botanicals provide.

After the tasting we were asked to use some of the flavours on the board – all if you like – to create our very own blend of botanicals for a gin. Cass and Jack assisted with flavour profiles and helped you mix & match botanicals to get the right gin taste you were after.

Once back in the distillery Jack helps mix your concoction as you call out the botanical mixes and these are added to your beaker. Once complete you take your beaker the EnGINe Room and add it to your bottle which is yours take home. There is also some leftover for you to have in your taster glass and use the skills you were just taught to taste the gin. Then the remaining gin is added to your gin copa glass to be enjoyed with tonic to wrap up the night.

The Gin Adventure was a fantastic experience with plenty of laughs, facts about gin and best of all your very own gin mix to take home. Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery in Liverpool St host the Gin Adventure every Tuesday at 6:01pm plus Saturday 1:01pm and 3:31pm from £60 per person. Bookings can be done on their website at the link below. Private bookings can also be made from Monday-Saturday for 6 or more people, but please call or email to enquire.


Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery37 Broadgate Cir, London EC2M 2QS

Twitter: @MrFoggsGB


Instagram: @mrfoggsgb

Written by Dan Brodie