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My Scent is my message

“My Scent Is My Message” – Gandhi. I’m serious, Google it.

I believe everyone must have their own scent, something to be recognised and remembered by. It’s like your own weapon of mass destruction, you can change someone’s perception of you with one whiff, and you can manipulate a whole situation into your favour with that brief embrace.

 Isn’t it fun to go into Boots or John Lewis and just have a nice nose about in the fragrance department (anyone see what I done there). To find that one scent that screams YOU, which makes you feel the right balance of sexy yet girly, mysterious yet inviting – it can be a difficult mission, but one that we must ALL complete to unlock that ‘finally an adult’ achievement. We go through different stages of smells; that lovely JohnsonJohnson’s baby powder one, to dabbling in that Lime and Orange Musk deodorant, and now we graduate to Givenchy and French names like Yves Saint Laurent.

My weapon of choice? As of now, Vera Wang’s ‘Princess’.

Vera wang princessAnd yes, there have already been a few double takes when I walk by, a few awkwardly prolonged hugs and the odd ‘you smell gooood’. Thank you Brother of mine for selecting such a beaut, for all we know, it might secure you a brother-in-law soon enough.

Emmy M