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National Lipstick Day Survey Results

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With ​National Lipstick Day being on the  29th July 2017, a new poll was conducted by online beauty brand ​Beauty Boulevard​ reveals how British women feel about their lips. Beauty Boulevard are famous for founding Glitter Lips, a product we’ve reviewed previously (

A new survey reveals that while Angelina Jolie, Kylie Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have the nation’s favourite pouts, over half of the population are happy with the shape of their own lips. The full results show that 13.5% per cent of women voted Angelina Jolie as the owner of the celebrity lips they admire the most, followed by Kylie Jenner at 7.7% and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at 6.6%. Millie Mackintosh came in last, with the least desirable lips, earning just 1.4% of the vote.  Glitter_Lips_AW_004

The survey taken by 1000 women across the UK also revealed that almost a third of women wear lipstick a few times a week, and almost one fifth of women own over 11 tubes of lipstick! Results also showed that over 90% of women would wear glittery lipstick, with over 16% having sported the look already.  I know if I’d been interviewed, I would be in the percentage of women that own over 11 tubes of lipsticks… I actually think I have that many just in my handbag #sorrynotsorry.

The survey also reveals the following data, based on a poll taken of 1000 women aged 18-45 across the UK:

– 35% of women say that lipstick puts them in a cheerier mood

– 20% of women wear lipstick daily and 30% wear it a few times a week compared to 1% who wear it once a year or less than that.

– 40% of respondents would wear Glitter Lips to festivals with even more willing to wear it on a night out at 58%

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