Nexba Kombucha launches sugarless Sundays

With the ever growing conversation around gut health and the negative effects of sugar, Nexba is launching their Sugarless Sundays to prove you can still be a foodie whilst looking after your body.

For those who have not heard of it, Nexba is Australia’s sugar-free soft drinks brand and the UK’s favourite Kombucha. On a mission to prove that eating sugar-free and supporting gut health doesn’t mean you have to give up taste, they have partnered with leading experts including Founder of Social Pantry Alex Head and Nutritionist Emily English to help visitors discover ways to give up sugar without compromising on flavour. Sugarless Sundays encourages everyone to take a moment to reflect, refresh and recharge the system for one day in the week by making simple sugar free swaps, and encourages an important conversation around gut health, wellness and sugar consumption.

Nexba’s Sugarless Sundays are kicking off with sugar-free picnic recipes, created by Nutritionist Emily English. We’ll see the usual picnic favourites being swapped for delicious alternatives; saying goodbye to fizzy cola, fruit juice, crisps and stodgy baked goods, and saying hello to Tacos with Mango Salsa, Middle Eastern Mezzes, Raspberry and chia seed tartlets, grilled peach and burrata salad and Prebiotic Chocolate Truffles. Delicious and all sugar-free, we know what we would opt for! Especially when they are perfectly washed down with a can of Nexba’s Mixed Berry or Mango Kombucha.

Nexba has partnered with brunch hotspots like Social Pantry, Crane’s Kitchen, 601 Queen’s Road, No 17 Dickens Yard, No 35 Mackenzie Walk, No 11 Pimlico Road and Brighton’s Moksha Caffee. The Sugarless Sunday brunch menus challenge diners to swap out sugar for one day of the week and indulge in tasty, good for the gut dishes that are just as sweet and delicious.

Dates: Sundays in July


Written by Jordan Crowley