Nordic Bar: Sports, Shots and Sexual Frustration

Lively Scandinavian themed bar Nordic, minutes from Tottenham Court Road, feels almost like a single night in a student bar. There’s the daily happy hour (5pm-7pm), the buy-one-get-one-free cocktails, the spinning shot wheel behind the bar and tables of young people having fun.

Nordic2-377x163Perhaps it was just the night I was there, but every table seemed to be single-sex groups. Were these all singletons? Was this an unofficial dating night? My friends and I mused about this until all of the single women had been approached by less quizzical men. Good luck to them, I said, secretly hoping they’d fail.

After £2 bottles of Tuborg and a tasty cocktail we walked past a group of revellers singing into a selfie-stick camera. We approached the vacant ping-pong table and bickered over who would serve first. We fought it out with powerful backhands and heavy forehand shots… and after that quick fist-fight that we played ping pong.

Our superior ping-pong skills would surely entice the young, attractive folk away from their singing, dancing and flirting. How could it not? I was once ranked 8th in the under 16’s Yorkshire rankings after all. I can only assume they were too intimidated by these skills as they didn’t come over.

We ended our game and re-joined the lively bar for some more cocktails. The atmosphere at Nordic certainly is fun and with mainstream rock, cheap drinks, sports and loads of young people, this is one of central London’s most accessible nights out.

If you’re after a fun night out with your mates, or are even hopeful of picking up, I’d recommend giving Nordic a blast. I’ll probably be back, and I aspire to speak to some people next time.



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Written by Martin Stocks | @Stocks1986

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