Our choice of the top five robes to treat yourself to… because why not?

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still treat yourself to something sexy.

One of the most underrated pieces of clothing is the robe: because it’s not essential, few people spend money on having something silky to slip into in the morning or during lazy weekends.

But luxury shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions and a nice robe doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

From deliciously silky to lacey goodness, We’ve rounded up five of our favourite robes right now, all of which are both beautiful and affordable.

Here’s our verdict.

Bluebella, £19.00

This Bluebella kimono might currently be on sale, but don’t let the price fool you – there’s nothing cheap about it. As a woman with large breasts, I often find kimonos don’t close properly at the front but this fit like a glove and the tie belt nicely nips in my waist. The material is soft, though not as silky as I’d usually go for, but the lace accents at the edge of the sleeves and the hem add an extra touch of luxury.

Ann Summers, £40.00

Is this Ann Summers kimono sexy as hell? Absolutely. Will I use it every day? Probably not, but some nightwear is meant to be used less frequently. I’ll be rocking this lace number when I want to turn up the heat in the bedroom. The wide sleeves are a nice touch, but personally I would have preferred the lie to be made from the same lace material as the silk didn’t stay in place when I moved around in the robe. Overall, it’s gorgeous and worth the price tag.

Marks & Spencer, £35

To me, this is an all-day robe; cook in it, paint in it, watch Netflix in it or just sprawl across a velvet chaise lounge. The highlight is without a doubt the pattern and colour; an eye-catching crane bird design in shades of ocean blue. The M&S robe is from the brand’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley range, so you know it’s nice, but I just wish there was a shorter version to cater for people who aren’t as tall as the supermodel.

Pour Moi, £39.00

There’s something pleasurable about sliding your arms into satin sleeves. I slipped on my Pour Moi robe while having my morning coffee and doing my make-up, and it made these everyday activities a little bit less dull, because my outfit made me feel glamorous and sexy. The only negative aspect was that the fit was a bit too small around my chest, but otherwise I loved it. Bonus points for the lace accents on the back and shoulders.

Boohoo, £11.20

It’s the silvery-y grey shade that draws me to this Boohoo robe. It’s enchanting, and also a nice alternative for those who prefer a pop of colour in their nightwear. While the material might look like satin, the robe is entirely made from polyester but it still looks luxurious, so if you don’t fancy splashing the cash, this is a good choice. I also like the three-quarter-length sleeves and the fact I could probably get away with wearing this as a jacke over a slip dress in summer.

Written by Almara Abgarian