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Phobos-17 Review

On the 29th of September, OnIn.London ventured down to Elephant & Castle to board PHOBOS-17, a new escape room from the award-winning team at Mostly Harmless. This is escape room was created by immersive theatre actor-director Tom Hall. He states “Once again, I’m delighted to say I own a spaceship in South London. We’ve had great fun building it and designing puzzles, I can’t wait to welcome people on board!”

What is PHOBOS-17? Well it’s an abandoned Russian spaceship and from the start of your 60-minute experience, you are fully immersed in the story and the race against time. The goal was for our team of four people to try break into a sealed laboratory and snatch the ‘bounty of a lifetime’ before making our escape.

Having done quite a few escape rooms in the past, I must say some the innovative clues, puzzles and locks were very well done. At times we were almost stumped and were worried this would finally be the escape room that defeated us. Luckily OnIn.London has some super smart sleuths and problem solvers as part of the team, so we were able to escape with 13 minutes to spare. Our best time yet!

This was great escape room. It was a lot of fun and very clever. The design and setup were expertly created and we can’t say enough positive things about our time spent in PHOBOS-17.

Tickets are priced at £20.00 per person and can be purchased online. For tickets and further information visit

PHOBOS-17 runs from until the 31st December 2018
Wednesday to Friday: 5:00 to 9:30 • Saturday and Sunday 2:00 to 9:30

Unit 12b The Artworks London Elephant Road,

Elephant & Castle, London SE17 1AY


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