Presents for the Kids

Teksta Puppy

The big day is approaching, the day when we invite a big jolly bloke into our houses in the home we’ve all been good girls and boys and he leaves us a little present or two. The day when we all eat way too much and fall asleep in front of the telly while Home Alone is on.

It is also the time when we drag our loved ones around the shops looking for the perfect present for the little ones so I have put together a little list of gift ideas which any boy or girl would love just to make it that little bit easier.

Gruffalo Baking Set

Every child loves the Gruffalo…it’s a classic and they all love making a mess in the kitchen so this baking set makes a great present. Comes with a recipe card to make woodland cookies and in the set you get an apron, spoon, rolling pin and cutters which can be kept tidy in the drawstring bag.

R.R.P – £15.95

BigJigs Around The World Train Set

This trail set is one of the most complete sets available with trains, tracks and vehicles all included. Also comes with various landmarks around the World including Big Ben, Sydney Opera House and Egyptian Temples. With all the modern electronic toys it’s great to see traditional toys still popular. 

R.R.P – £49.99

Furby Boom

Furby has come a long way since the first release about 20 years ago and for the last two years these have been on or the most wanted Christmas presents. Available in a whole array of colours and designs, these days the Furby interacts with Apps, and interacts more than ever to the people around.

R.R.P – £59.99

Teksta Puppy

Another electronic toy that seems to be more advanced than a real puppy! Teksta is an 8 week old puppy that interacts with you. It will bark, whine, cry to let you know it needs attention. It responds to voices, gestures and can interact with an App.

R.R.P – £59.99

Robo Fish Aquarium Play Set

It seems electronic animals/pets are the things to buy this year. So now we have robotic fish, in the set you get your fish tank and fish and fill the bowl with water and drop the fish in and it

Written by Darren Coleshill