Review: Cabana Brasilian Barbecue

London has been pretty blessed with such hot weather recently and with such good weather, we decided that a barbeque would be an ideal choice for dinner, so last Sunday we headed to Cabana Brasilian to tuck into some barbequed Brazilian food in Angel.

We started off with the crispy squid, seasoned with salt and pepper with the malagueta mayo. The sauce was rich in flavour, which certainly beats plain ol’ Heinz mayo. We ate the crispy squid alongside the Crunch fried rice balls, which are rice bolinhos filled with melted parmesan and also served with the very delicious malagueta mayo. Both starters were nice and light, leaving the right amount of space for our mains.


We went for the 8 OZ hanger steak, it first caught our eye, when we read the description in the menu, called ‘the butchers steak: so good the butcher keeps it for himself’. Then the waitress gushed when we asked for it, telling us it was her favourite steak she had ever tried. It had a lot to live up to by this point… It came to the table with French fries, cooked medium rare as requested, and my my it certainly lived up to the hype! Incredibly tender and full of flavour, the steak was marinated in their special Chili and Cumin sauce, a sauce we would be more than happy to purchase on it’s own.


The other main was the Spicy Malagueta Chicken, another specified best seller (stated on the menu). It was served while it was still sizzling, and again seasoned to perfection. Do you want to know what its been marinated with? We do too! It’s all a bit hush hush, as stated on the menu as spicy, sticky chicken in our secret marinade. Oh Cabana Brasilian, how you like to TEASE!


We had our mains with the recommended Passionfruit and Strawberry Caipirinhas, being in a Brazilian restaurant, it would have been rude not too.  They added a generous amount of cachac, to give us that much needed kick (we all want in a cocktail)!


To finish off we opted for the Caramel flake sundae and the Brasilia chocolate cake (Nega Maluca) both chocolaty goodness, to complete a fantastic dining experience. The staff were very friendly and attentive and the ambience, certainly got us in the South American mood, with Brasilian music playing in the background and the joy and laughter you could hear on the other tables.

This restaurant is highly recommended and don’t forget when having Brasilian food, you must wash it down with a Caipirinha cocktail, it’s a MUST!

We went to the Cabana Brasilian in Angel, but they also have 5 other branches in London, you can visit their website here for location details –





Written by Nyla Sammons