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Review at the UK’s First Wine Spa

I visited Ella Di Rocco, a luxury wellness spa in Fulham after hearing that they are the first in the UK to offer a wine bath spa. Yes my initial thoughts were, why not indulge in a unique spa treatment which contains wine… the nice and naughty type (if you believe in the naughty type…)

I was greeted by the owner in a very warm and friendly manner when I arrived, I was given a nice herbal tea and we spoke about how beneficial the wine spa would be for my body, while I waited for my therapist Irina. I must say the anticipation was exciting, all I wanted to do was see what this luxurious wine bath looked like.

The spa treatment starts off with a foot soak and a relaxing body scrub, the purifying scrub is made with specially selected grapes and wine extracts The body scrub helps improve blood circulation, which helps fight cellulite, which is exactly what I need right now (the countdown to Bali has begun!). Some parts of my hard and flaky skin is also rubbed away, which leaves my skin nice and smooth.

I then entered the wine bath, a tub filled with hot water, pretty rose petals, a mixture of Sangiovese, Merlot and Ciliegiolo red wine and the concentrate of virgin grape juice. I am told this helps open pores, release toxins, lower blood sugar levels and relieve painful joints and muscles. I soak my body for twenty minutes, while I relax my mind, and just ten minutes in I could feel the tension in my muscles slowly melt away.

There are friendly warning signs on top of the bath, informing you this water is not drinkable, in case you are tempted by the smell of wine. Fear not Ella Di Rocco knows how to look after their guests, and I was given a glass of wine while I relaxed in my wine bath.

When I came out of the bath I had a quick shower and then happily popped on over to the bed for my massage. I receive a detoxifying massage with grapeseed oil from Irina, and my goodness she knows how to work her magic on my tight and knotted muscles. After the massage my muscles felt relaxed and my mind was serene. This was one of the best and luxurious treatments I’ve had. However what I also really enjoyed was how welcoming the staff were, I felt like my concerns about my body were taken into account throughout my treatment and I was given some good advice about a lower back problem I encountered in the last month and on how to reduce my acne scarring. I was well looked after and although the treatment may be on the tad pricey side it certainly is worth every penny.

Price list for the wine spa treatments:
Scrub and wine tub – 50 minutes: £90.00
Scrub, wine tub, body mask, massage – 90 minutes: £245.00
Scrub, wine tub, wrap, massage 110 minutes. £295.00

Ella Di Rocco also offers a range of packages which include luxury massages, foot pampering, body masks and non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic treatments.

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Address: 307 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9QH

Written by Nyla S.