Roadz Exhibtion


Art is a very hit and miss thing, as was finding the Curious Duke Gallery to see Andrea Tyrimos’ Roadz exhibition. Tucked down a side street, just off Old Street this tiny little gallery was surrounded by a throng of people all buzzing about the art on display inside.

The art is very urban in style, although painted with oils on canvas rather than spray paint on walls, but you could be forgiven for thinking not. I certainly did to start with. I don’t think that’s a bad thing though. For this kind of art depicting urban scenes with gritty detail, but in a style that looks more at home on the street than in a gallery, to appear so is a triumph in my eyes.

The paintings are colourful and vivid. The scenes a mixture of city tableaus  and snapshots of urban moments. From the centrepiece depicting two you men relaxing, smoking on a rooftop with St. Paul’s in the background to the more abstract. They are all filled with shadows, layers and also an almost graphic tinge.

All in all, they are very unusual and I can well see why this young artist has done so well so far. I suspect it will have been a long slog, but it’s well worth it and I would recommend you see the exhibition before it closes. Find time.

The exhibition is on until the 28th June and the details can be found here as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

By Peter Churchill