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RUSH Hair Farringdon Review

The new RUSH Hair salon, is conveniently located just a couple of minutes’ walk from Farringdon station, when I heard about the news of the opening of the new Rush salon on Cowcross Street I did a little internal cry for joy. Meeting the needs of busy Londoners, the newly opened salon is open until 7am until 9pm on weekdays, which is perfect if like me you generally find yourself working late most days and then subsequently fill your weekends to the point of no spare time.

At 7.30pm on a Monday night, the salon was surprisingly busy. I sat down and waited for my stylist. A bright contemporary space with a completely new fit out, big silver balloons remained from the launch earlier that week. After a couple of minutes my stylist appeared, a sweet bubbly guy who introduced himself before complimenting my coat, I instantly felt relaxed and happy that this was the man I was trusting to look after my locks. He led me downstairs to another room, this place was a lot bigger than it looked, with a whole other large salon room hidden on the lower ground floor

I genuinely couldn’t remember the last time I went for a cut, but I suspect it was sometime between 9 months and a year ago. Time and just not knowing what the hell to do with my hair prevents me ever actually doing anything about it. I had been on a mission to grow it and having got through that annoying halfway stage from when it goes from mid length to long, I was now bored, and wanted it off! What did I want to do with it? It used to be shorter and I liked it like that it. Did I have a picture? Not really but it was… well shorter. Style? Well just kind of…. Shorter. I was doing a very bad job of explaining my self and had no photographic evidence to help back me up.

My stylist could obviously see I was completely lost and with a friendly smile took the lead. ‘Right so how about I take it up to here and we give it a clean cut all around’. That was enough for me! His decisiveness instantly made me completely trust that he knew exactly what he was doing, and I was more than willing for him to take the reins. For a moment I considered asking him to make it ‘choppy’ which is usually somewhere in my general hairdressing requests, but I decided to just go with the flow. This guy knew what he was doing with a pair of hairdressing scissors.

I settled down with a small tray of pretzels and a glass of wine (tea and coffee is available, but Monday is depressing enough, you might as well brighten it up with a bit of booze) and we just started chatting away. The conversation was light and easy and there was a great buzz in the room around us, with a couple of other clients and other stylists moving in and out, saying hello as they passed. In no time (not even enough time to finish my glass of wine) it was over.

It was different, really different, and I absolutely loved it! Super sleek with an amazing sheen, all the dead hair was gone and what was left looked and felt super glossy. Was this actually my hair? Saying thank you about a million times and booking in for my next appointment at the front desk, I was given a loyalty card and some 50% off cards for friends (which also give me £20 credit when they use them so I am definitely handing out those babies).

Talented stylists and extremely convenient opening hours, the new Farringdon RUSH salon, is a little haven for anyone that finds their busy work schedule prevents them from regular trips to the hair salon.

Address: 90 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6B


Written by Jordan Crowley

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