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Wilko Launches Essence – A New Line Of Matte Vegan Lipsticks

Wilko is good for more than low-cost household goods, cleaning products and pick ‘n’ mix sweets – the retailer also stocks a makeup line known as Essence.

Essence features a recently launched collection of matte lipsticks in 12 colours including shades of pink, red, purple and even a black option.

The latter is perfect for a goth look, but keep the rest of your makeup basic (in other words, avoid the smokey eyes).

For a classic outfit, go with the bright red shade, while the rosy pink works brilliantly at the office.

Although they’re cheap at £2.30, the lipsticks still maintain a fairly good quality and last for several hours with just a few light top-ups. However, they did feel a tad dry, but that’s matte lipstick for you.

An excellent gift for someone who isn’t too fussed about big label brand makeup or for yourself, if you’d like to expand your makeup range and try some new colours, without having to spend a lot of money to do so.