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Star of Kings’s, 126 York Way, London N1 0AX

Monday 22nd February

7pm; for 7.30pm



It’s fresh meat night at the longest-running no-rules science comedy cabaret with Showoff in the name in London! Tonight join the fastest and funniest science MC in the land and nine acts who have never showed off before for a night of giggling while going “oo really I didn’t know that.”

You’ll see:

Steve Cross – geek comedian and your compere.

Aimee Eckert – Aimee loves learning about cells & how they divide, but they don’t always love her back.

Ali Mozaffari – The History of the Universe in Shirts.

Tayyibah Ali – A PhD student causing the accidental death of cells, on a weekly basis.

Nina Chhita – Some steps on how to mend a broken heart with a little help from tissue engineering.

Russell Arnott – Let’s discuss which is harder to explore: outer space or the deep ocean…

Abbie Fearon – I work in cancer research which isn’t the funniest of topics so wish me luck.

Stevie Steven – Yorkshire lad with passion for fannying about.

Antonia Forster – Propaganda, chemical warfare, and slavery: ants have a number of terrifying tactics up their sleeve.

Anaïs Masetti – I’m exploring the creative and emotive potential of science, particularly genetics, through dance.

The gig is on Monday February 22nd in the basement at the Star of Kings, London. Doors open 7pm and show starts at 7.30 sharp. These usually sell out (we keep the room small to make the gigs lovely) so do buy early to ensure a place!

Tickets come from here. They are £6 plus booking fee (60p). If we don’t sell out there will be tickets on the door for £8 each. All your ticket money goes to charity!