Simon Munnery: ‘Fylm’ tour


Showing at Leicester Square theatre until the 22nd March is a leg of Simon Munnery’s ‘Fylm’ tour. (You’ll also find a couple of arms, another leg and predominantly a head used throughout).

For one hour, you can become part of something original. Witty. Engaging. Creative. With top notch tools of the trade and lighting skills that will blow your mind, Munnery does stab at the void between film and live theatre. Think cut out card and handwritten notes accompanied by singing and a bit of guitar all thoughtfully jumbled together.

I’m no comedy critic, I can’t profess to know any techniques or terminology and therefore cannot tear any performance a new arsehole with any conviction. I wouldn’t want to. This show is funny. Even the sampled material that makes its debut and goes wrong is funny.

If you have an interest in Pythagoras theorem, politics, talking dogs and a laugh, you’ll enjoy this.

To find out where Simon is touring next please click here: http://simonmunnery.com/

Book tickets now before the show ends here: http://www.leicestersquaretheatre.com/

Check out his work on YouTube here:  [youtubevideo video=”6Ze92I_XhAE”]

By Kate Eaton