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Skin Laundry Review

Before visiting Skin Laundry, I had no idea about who they were and what they offered. So walking in I had no idea what to expect. Upon entering I was informed by the lovely staff that Skin Laundry specialises in Laser Facials. Not the one hour relaxing facial I assumed I would be getting. Was this an issue not at all? I was fascinated by the science and concept of it.  

Skin Laundry was founded on a belief that the technology and science that is reshaping skincare today should be available to all people looking to improve or maintain their skin. Since they opened in 2013, Skin Laundry has been bridging the gap between medical cosmetics and beauty therapy.

January saw the pioneering skincare brand behind the cult laser facial Skin Laundry open its second store and clinic in London’s Chelsea. Joining their original stand-alone space located in the iconic Carnaby Street, the brand seeks to merge advanced laser technology with performance-led skincare formulations and treatments, sharing their knowledge of what it takes to achieve healthy, radiant skin.

Innovative in their approach to beauty, the arrival of London’s newest skincare destination will also see the arrival of two new facial treatments. Treatments include:

The Signature Laser Facial (£250) utilises a YAG laser which bypasses the surface and penetrates deep into the skin and helps to aid skin discoloration, minimises redness, and stimulates collagen to make skin healthier and more resilient.

The Thermo Fractional Facial (£300) employs a brand-new fractional heat device that gently removes damaged skin and minimises the appearance of discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles to improve overall skin tone and texture. Unique to this treatment is the production of microchannels it generates on the top layer of the skin which allows 90% of Skin Laundry’s customised medical-grade serums to be absorbed.

The Carbon Laser Facial (£300) combines Skin Laundry’s own formula Carbon lotion with the Signature Laser facial to exfoliate and deep clean the skin. Ideal for oily or acne prone skin, the treatment leaves individual with extra glowing skin.

The Ultra Duo Laser Facial (£700) adopts both the powerhouse laser and heat devices within the treatment to ensure all layers of the skin aretargeted as well as working on the neck and chest. Their strongest, most effective treatment, will help you achieve younger looking skin – faster.

Before my session I was informed of what to expect and asked to fill in a small survey about my skin and medical issues. This ensures everything is safe and the therapist can target areas that are of concern.

The treatment only took 10-15 minutes and involved  four passes of the laser over my face.  It was painless and my skin did feel smoother and brighter afterwards. Skin Laundry do recommend  visiting on more than one occasion to be able to see full results.

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