Staycation, the app that revolutionises city life as we know it, is launching in London

Off the grid, off the daily routine, off everyday habits… This new app allows Londoners to enjoy a 24 hour getaway without leaving the city.

Staycation, the app which is disrupting the hotel industry, urban life restlessness and holiday tunnels, has opened up a brand new local market through escapes within a few clicks. The idea is simple, yet powerful: convert the capital’s most luxury hotels into urban retreats for busy urban dwellers.

This April, hospitality phenomenonStaycation officially launches in London – as the new thing to do in the city. After an immense five year success in France, the revolutionary urban service is now set to take the capital by storm with unparalleled 24 hour exclusive experiences within nearby top London properties. Users can disconnect from everyday routine, discover neighbourhoods they wouldn’t otherwise visit, and achieve the holiday feeling without the hassle of travel or planning… Opening a brand new local market for London hotels.

Staycation is a French startup that allows leading luxury and boutique hotels to connect with a local community of over two million subscribers, and creates exceptional 24 hour experiences to transform each property into an experiential venue. With over 500 premium partners on the books – including world-class hotel groups and Parisian Palaces such as Le Bristol and Hôtel Lutetia – Staycation quickly established itself as the leading business booster that solved the issue of the quiet Sunday evenings, ahead of traditional platforms.

Now officially launching on British soil in April 2022, Staycation will be the latest growth driver for London properties, creating a brand new local market for hoteliers. Partners include Corinthia Hotel, Henrietta Hotel, The Stratford, Great Scotland Yard and The Portobello! All great hotels, perfect for the ultimate 24-hour getaway. Staycation will offer unrivalled experiences from Notting Hill to Mayfair to Hackney, and continues to appoint further esteemed properties each day.

All bookings are last minute for the next seven days, showcasing uniquely negotiated exclusive offers and
Staycation offers Londoners the chance to fill those 24 hours with whatever they want – finding themselves, losing themselves, learning something or simply switching off with Netflix and room service in tow. Whether it’s opting for a hotel close to the office – for that short walk to work post truffle eggs on sourdough – or simply seeking an oasis a stone’s throw from home for a break from fast-paced life and vexing daily habits, Staycation will shake up the way Londoners ultimately live in London.

After all, Netflix and red wine is simply so much better in a hotel robe…

The fact that the app has 2 million users in France is a sure fire sign it’s a hit! 

We also love the fact, that Staycation has solved the issue of the empty Sunday nights for hotels and became the biggest business provider for hotels on the weekends ahead of traditional platforms in less than 3 years.

You know we love a staycation here at Onin.London so can’t wait to start using this app!