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Skinny Tan Review


I’m going to start right off and say I’m not a fan of fake tans, I don’t like the smell and whenever I’ve tried them I usually end up orange. Though when the PR Company for Skinny Tan sent me some of their products to review promising me I wouldn’t end up streaky and orange, I was down to give it a go. Skinny Tan is the first self-tanner that combines a natural tanning active with naturally derived skin smoothing actives to tan, contour and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite! Plus it’s an Australian product!

Heading to Marrakesh for a week, seemed to be the perfect excuse to cast my fears aside and try Skinny Tan for the first time. Why sit by the pool with my refrigerator white skin when I could fake being a bronze goddess. Now as I don’t self-tan, I had to rely on my friend’s wisdom on how to prepare for a fake tan.So with the necessary steps of exfoliating thoroughly I ready to use the 7 Day Tanner. ( I do apologise for the extremely bad photos of legs throughout this review).

IMG_0966The product was nice and thick so it applied quiet easily with included Self-Tan Mitt. The Mitt was a bit big and I would have preferred it a little smaller as it kept slipping off my hand. The smell of the fake tan was actually quite pleasant whilst I was applying and wasn’t that overpowering smell that one would associate with it.

It was recommended that we leave the tanner on overnight to help the tan fully develop. Now my friend taking a massive risk had just made the bed in freshly washed white sheets. So the next morning I was incredibly amazed to find that none of the product had transferred to the sheets or our clothes. That’s pretty impressive, given that the last time I did get a fake tan… my sheets were ruined.img_0985

The included bronzer helped my friend and I see the spots we’d missed, which helped us ensure we didn’t end up with patches missing. Now not being an expert fake tanner, I did manage to miss a few spots which I noticed when I showered the next morning. Though I didn’t notice any streaking which is what Skinny Tan pride themselves on. My skin had a nice bronze glow to it, though wasn’t as dark as I would have liked it. I guess my lily white skin was too much and given my nerves about using the product, I probably didn’t put enough on. The tan held more on my arms as they were a lot browner than my legs. Unfortunately I only got before and after photos of my legs.(My friend’s legs below as her photo turned out better without a filter than mine did – The filtered photo of my legs shows the Tan better because of our bright the sun was).


My 7 day Tan only lasted a couple of days as we went to get a Hamman Scrub at one of the day spas. So hot tip – forget about the lemon juice and all that. If you don’t like you’re fake tan… get one of these done. Your fake tan will disappear in an instant.

I’m looking forward to upping up my Tan game and trying out Skinny Tan’s other products for my next holiday to Bali for a friend’s wedding in May. Skinny Tan can be purchased Online or in Superdrug for £19.99.