Spaces – a new way to live

We all know the nightmare of trying to find somewhere to live in London. Whilst we all know our city is possibly the greatest on earth, one area that sits firmly in the cons box is finding a place to live.

I mean, all we ask is for a spacious en-suite, somewhere in zone 1 for a reasonable amount of rent per month, is that so unreasonable? Add to that the rigmarole that goes with moving: sorting out all the bills and finding everything you need from a good gym to your favourite takeaway to a reliable cleaner…

Spaces Property Group is one of a number of companies in the capital trying to take the pain out of living here. They give you the option to rent a room, complete with everything you need. Yes we are talking about council tax, bills and super fast broadband. And from only £600 what’s not to love?

It’s got to be worth a try, check them out here –