TEASE Tea Bar Opens In South Kensington

As the weather warms up and London slowly starts to reopen, we know many of you cant wait to regain your social life enjoying the best that London has to offer. Whilst others are still flirting with the idea of life after lockdown.

It’s a quintessential British tradition to reach for the kettle and ‘have a cuppa’ in times of stress and crisis. To tease you out of isolation head to this newly opened escape in the heart of South Kensington for some fresh air and a fresh brew.  

TEASE, a modern day tea bar puts a creative spin on the classic British beverage, focusing on creating fresh blends and health boosting flavour combinations. Their diverse menu boasts a selection of iced teas, milk teas, adaptogenic milks, health shots, classic and herbal teas and specialty coffees – using a variety of immune boosting nutritional ingredients to enhance the tea’s natural flavour, thus eliminating the use of refined sugars.

Taking care of ones physical and mental heath has never been more important. With a focus on wellness & health maintenance, TEASE has created milks that incorporate adaptogenic ingredients that aid the body’s ability to deal with stress; using centuries old healing and immune boosting herbs and roots such as Reishi mushroom, Bee Pollen, Maca and Lucama. Their signature immune boosting shots are packed full of ingredients rich in antioxidants and vitamins, from ginger and honey to fresh beetroot, paired with coconut water and kamalansi lime.

Cool down with refreshing iced teas combined with a variety of freeze-dried fruits for natural sweetness and maximum nutrition.  The house special “Cosmosis” has Cacao, full of rich antioxidants. Try their take on a classic hot chocolate freshly made from raw cacao and cacao butter alongside the creamy vanilla cold coffee and a traditional spiced masala chai, which provides a great energy boost.

Keep calm and have a cuppa with fresh flavor combinations without the naugh”tea”ness. Open now for Takeaway and delivery, café open from 4th July. Don’t miss the interactive life-sized coffee cup for the perfect Instagram moment. #DrinkTease

Address: 19 Harrington Road, London, SW7 3ES

Written by: Eboni Addoh