Thai Square Angel

Pla Raad prik

During the month of January I totally went overboard with the restaurant sampling, as I mentioned in my last post I love food. Last month Angel became my hot spot and my first stop was Thai Square. Out of all the Thai Square’s I must say that Angel is my favourite I love the taste of the food and the ambiance, a close second would be the one in Putney.

Let me stop boring you with the chit chat and get down to the details. My friend and I went to Thai Square and I ate Pla Raad Prik (Deep fried Sea Bass topped with Thai exotic spicy chilli and garlic sauce) I ate this with plain steamed rice. This is one of my favourite Thai dishes, I do not tend to go for the normal green curry or the boring red curry, if you stick me in a Thai restaurant I want to taste the freshness of the fish and the full pop of their unique spices. This dish did not disappoint, the picture does not even give it justice, I literally ate this in silence. The thing about this dish is that the sweetness from the sauce offsets the spiciness of the Chilli, which compliments the freshness of the seabass. I wish I could describe this better so you can feel what I feel. I guess the only thing to say is go and try it, you will NOT be disappointed.

Chilli Lamb

My friend decided to go for a simple dish, she went for chilli lamb (minus the chilli) with coconut rice, the staff were very accommodating and did not squirm when she asked for the chilli to be removed from her chilli dish. The dish again was amazing, I am not the biggest fan of coconut rice but the recommendation was a winning combination, the richness of the lamb was offset by the sweetness of the coconut, it left both our mouths watering. I have decided that when I next go to try the lamb dish in its full chilli glory and see if it still has the same impact.

Pancakes with coconut ice cream

Now onto the best part of the meal, the dessert. We had pancakes with coconut ice cream, I do not need to even describe the flavours, simply put EAT HERE!!!!